Water Breaks Its Neck

Approx 2 min. by car or a 20 min. walk

FREE – great for dogs too

Open all the time

An easy to follow path up the hill opposite the pub takes you straight to the waterfall. Alternatively you can park close to the waterfall, taking a track just a mile down the road from us towards Kington.

80 Feet in height, the waterfall turns halfway down – so you will only ever see the top or the bottom at any one time. The bottom has a walkable track suitable for most. The top however suits the more adventurous and not everyone manages to find it.

Depending on the rainfall the waterfall can be really impressively. Even with a light flow it is well worth the trip. With its own micro-climate and almost jurassic vegetation it is pretty whatever the time of year. So pretty in fact that local girl, Ellie Goulding, filmed her video for “Your Song” here.