Restrictions in Wales are regularly changing and often different to England. We will endeavour to keep this page up to date, but strongly recommend calling to find out the latest legislation and guidance.

From the 8th August Wales moved into alert level zero – YAY!


This means all individual restrictions we were legally required to adhere to have become a choice to us.  Our legal obligation to keep customers Covid safe however has not been removed. Like you, we want to get the atmosphere back and are keen to relax rules as much as possible. We appreciate there are differing opinions on what this should entail. We have adjusted our restrictions to try and ensure you feel as happy and safe as possible.

Every effort has been made to make the environment as safe as we can. Strict hygiene and cleaning measures have been heightened. And a number of other safety precautions have been put in place. In the interests of both you, our other customers and our staff, we would appreciate your assistance and commitment to adhering to these measures:

  • Mask wearing is down to your own personal preference.  Customer facing staff (who are not exempt) will still wear masks for your protection.

  • We will continue to maintain a significant distance between tables, but not restrict the number of people on a table to six. This means sadly that we have significantly less tables. We would therefore recommend booking a table to be sure we have space for you.

  • Ordering drinks at the bar is allowed, but please be mindful of anyone else standing at the bar and keep your distance.  Drinks will need to be consumed at a table, so please also make sure you have a table before ordering your drinks.

  • We no longer need to take details for track and trace. We would however ask customers to check-in on the NHS QR app if they are able.

  • We will be maintaining the one-way systems around the pub in the areas where close contact would be hard to avoid without.

  • As you move around the pub, we would also ask you to please ensure you maintain a safe distance from anyone outside of your group. 

  • The main porch to the pub should be treated as the entrance. Hand sanitiser will be available in the porch and we would ask everyone to use it when they arrive. Exit from the pub should only be through the other restaurant porch to eliminate a bottle-neck with people trying to pass each other. Additional bottles of hand sanitiser will be available around the pub and we would encourage you to use them as appropriate.

  • Only one person at a time in the ladies and mens washrooms. Because they are off a narrow corridor, a one-way system has been put in place. If you find someone is already in the bathroom when you get there, please return to the end of the corridor and wait until it becomes vacant.

  • And finally - and probably most importantly - if you, or any member of your household, is showing symptoms of COVID 19, please do not come. We never like turning people away, but unfortunately under these circumstances we must!

As every pub is different, restrictions are likely to vary significantly.  Hopefully the way we are approaching “level zero” will help us all start to feel a little more “normal” and enjoy company again. We would be very grateful if you could respect the restrictions we are choosing to continue – even if you didn’t have to do it somewhere else!

And thank you all for your amazing support since we re-opened at the end of May. It has been wonderful seeing you all again!

London Pride

London Pride in our pretty

little secret garden