Restrictions in Wales are regularly changing and often different to England. We will endeavour to keep this page up to date, but strongly recommend calling to find out the latest legislation and guidance. It is important to note that the social distancing regulations in Wales remain at 2m. This means sadly that we have significantly less tables. If you are able we would recommend booking. We are limited to a maximum tables size of 6 made up of one extended household.

Our obligations to the public are being taken seriously and life in the pub is sadly going to be a bit different. But please be assured we are doing our best to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. Every effort has been made to make the environment as safe as we can. Strict hygiene and cleaning measures have been heightened. And a number of other safety precautions have been put in place.


In the interests of both you, our other customers and our staff, we would appreciate your assistance and commitment to adhering to these measures:

  • The main porch to the pub should be treated as the entrance. Hand sanitiser will be available in the porch and we would ask everyone to use it when they arrive. Exit from the pub should only be through the other restaurant porch to eliminate a bottle-neck with people trying to pass each other. Additional bottles of hand sanitiser will be available around the pub and we would encourage you to use them as appropriate.

  • Customers will be expected to maintain a minimum of 2m self-distancing at all times from those that are not part of their household or "bubble".

  • Service is strictly at the table and not the bar. If you are only drinking, you will still need to be seated. Please do not stand at, or attempt to order drinks at the bar. We will check on your table regularly, so you should have every opportunity to order food and/or drinks. 

  • In order to maintain social distancing a number of tables have been removed. We only have room for one table in the green bar, and one in the brown bar. All other tables will be up in the restaurant or in our beer garden. We would therefore suggest that in order to secure a table, you call and book. If there are no tables available and you want to wait you are welcome to, but unfortunately it will have to be in either the front or back gardens. We will provide you with an estimated wait time.

  • As we are unable to provide bar-service there is going to be extra pressure on our staff, so we would be grateful if you could be patient with us. It is important to us that you have a good experience, and will do our best to assist you as soon as we can.

  • Only one person at a time in the ladies and mens washrooms. Because they are off a narrow corridor, a one-way system has been put in place. If you find someone is already in the bathroom when you get there, please return to the end of the corridor and wait until it becomes vacant.

  • In order to meet the government Track & Trace requirements, when you are first seated we will ask you to complete a form providing your contact details. We want to assure you that these details will only be held for 21 days and not used for any other purpose.

  • And finally - and probably most importantly - if you, or any member of your household, is showing symptoms of COVID 19, please do not come. We never like turning people away, but unfortunately under these circumstances we must!


We would all like to say thank you for your ongoing support. We promise to do our best for you, however this is a learning curve for everyone​ and I suspect there may be some hiccups along the way. Please, please be patient and work with us to help ensure pub life can continue in some form. And with more feeling than ever, we look forward to seeing you...

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